Cleveland, Ohio SFhouse w/smoking hot cash flow! Sold

  • $54,000
  • 3 beds
  • 1008 sqft


Bedrooms:     3 beds

Bathrooms:    1 bath

Single Family:  1,008 sq. ft.

Lot Size:     6,300 sq. ft.

Year Built: 1969

Stories:     1

Parking:    Driveway


Price (includes rehab)


Income (numbers are based on an annual basis and rental amount is based on nearby rentals)              

$9,600 yr / $800 mo (cash tenant)              $11,400 / $950 mo (Eden tenant)

Expense                                                            Expense

$1,000   Taxes                                                  $1,000   Taxes

$620      Insurance                                          $620      Insurance

$500      Maintenance (5%)                          $570      Maintenance (5%)

$500      Vacancy (5%)                                   $570      Vacancy (5%)

$768      Management (8%)                          $912      Management (8%)

$3,388   Expenses                                           $3,672   Expenses


Net Income                                                     Net Income                                     

$6,212 ($517 Monthly)                             $7,728 ($644 Monthly)        

Cap Rate                                                          Cap Rate

11.5 %                                                               14.3%


17517 TARKINGTON AVE       SOLD $46,000         5/3/1        988 sqft – I sold this house for $59k but property as-is was $46k


4726 E 175TH ST            SOLD $69,000         2/1/1        1,064 sqft

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4789 E 177th St.
Cleveland, OH 44128
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