Place Your Real Estate Investing On The Fast Track

Are you looking for great real estate rental homes deals but can do without the headaches of searching for them? Or do you want to have access to great off-the-market properties,  that are deeply discounted that can create passive cash flow income month after month without having to work for it?  This website is the right place at the right time for you to get started on placing your real estate investing on the fast track.

Experience a Faster and Easier Way to Invest in Real Estate in some the U.S. hottest markets.

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Reasons To Buy Turnkey Rental Homes

  • Ease of Transaction– Low impact investing that creates stable passive income and can be done part-time.
  • Increased Net Worth– Home prices rise, mortgages get paid-down and property improvements.
  • Low Entry Cost– Become an investor with little experience and start with as little as $15K.
  • Cash Flow– Rental properties provide a unique opportunity to generate cash flow that can improve more and more over time.
  • Appreciation– Property values are on the rise from coast to coast, and appreciation over time can help build wealth.
  • Equity– With properly managed, cash flowing rental properties, your tenants are generally paying down your debt for you each month which helps you build equity.
  • Tax Benefits– There are many well-known tax benefits to investing in rental properties (ask your tax advisor).

Who Should Purchase Renovated Income Properties

  • Busy professionals want to own income rentals but don’t have the time for complete fixer-uppers.
  • Investors that live in expensive areas that would like to invest in new markets to realize the higher returns.

    Turnkey Rental Homes with Cash Flow and Appreciation
  • New investors don’t want to make mistakes and may feel overwhelmed by the process of real estate investing.
  • People that want an easy buy and quick cash flow.

Benefits From Purchasing Turnkey Income Properties

  • Locate rental property deals starting from $45k and that is under $65k (Low purchase price and High Cash Flow)
  • Properties are located in owner-occupied areas only (so that property values are maintained for the long run)
  • Located in communities that require Point of Sale Inspection
  • We are only strong cash flow and appreciation potential working-class neighborhoods
  • Properties are completely rehabbed with all new mechanicals
  • We help acquire quality renters quickly by connecting with the top of the industry local property management

Turnkey providers eliminate many obstacles that hinder potential investors from entering new markets, including:

  • We source and negotiate incredible discounted deals (foreclosures, REO’s, tax lien auctions, etc.)
  • We do the Bidding, Get Estimates, Check Liens Status, We Run the Numbers
  • You decide the area you want to buy which we service
  • Our reliable contractors rehab the properties
  • We Manage the Inspections and appraisals
  • We screen tenants, do background checks and help get the property rented for you
  • We have an experienced team covering all aspects from remodeling to tenant placement to daily property management
  • We do all of the hard work while you collect 100% of the checks!
    • We leverage a veteran team with 20+ years of experience
    • Specializing in single family, multi-family and commercial rental properties

How To Get Started

If you’re curious to see what properties we have available today, get started by filling out the form below to get on our preferred buyer’s list.  The properties we have listed get snatched up fast by those who are already on our preferred buyer’s list so act fast.  You also have the option to custom order a property so that we can go search for something within your criteria.

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